Samuel S. Y. Wong


Address: Varian Physics Building, Room 383,

382 Via Pueblo Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Samuel S. Y. Wong

Physics PhD Candidate

Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

I am a third-year physics PhD candidate at Stanford University working with Peter Graham. I am interested in physics beyond the Standard Model. My current research focus is on dark matter search using quantum sensors. As an example, see my recent paper on using electron traps to search for dark photons (also covered by this news article).

I graduated from the specialist program in mathematics and physics at the University of Toronto (class of 2020), during which I worked on formal field theory with Erich Poppitz. I also did undergraduate research in galactic dynamics with Jo Bovy and experimental particle physics with Bob Orr.

In 2016, I had the honor of receiving the Canadian Governor General's Academic Medal upon graduating from Markham District High School. I am also a 2014 Shad Valley alumnus.

Currently, my main hobby outside of physics is chess.